Dr. Cox Discusses Head and Neck Cancer on Studio 512


In recognition of April being Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month, our very own radiation oncologist Shannon D. Cox, M.D. was a guest on KXAN TV’s Studio 512 to discuss head and neck cancer. Dr. Cox talked about what head and neck cancer is, what type of cancers are defined as head and neck cancers, […]


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National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week: How CyberKnife Can Help


Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week 2015 is celebrated nationwide April 12-18.¬† According to the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, research has shown that many people do not understand where oral, head and neck cancers develop, what are the causes, and how a diagnosis is determined. This type of cancer arises in the head […]


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Head, Neck and Lung Cancer Screening: Study Shows Coupling Scans Could Improve Early Detection, Survival


In a recent study completed by the University of Pittsburgh, researchers discovered that screening for head and neck cancer, in addition to lung cancer for eligible candidates, could improve early detection and survival rates. The study analyzed records of more than 3,500 people enrolled in a lung screening program to determine if these participants had […]


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